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  • Why can't the DVR recognize the HDD?
    Reason 1: Cables connected with the HDD weren't contacted closely.
    Solution: Change those cables for new ones.
    Reason 2: Cables connected with the power supply weren't contacted close¡­
  • How many days can a HDD keep recording for?
    Total Volume(M) = Channel Quantity ¡Á Hours needed(H) ¡Á Volume Written Every Hour(M/H)

    Days = Total Volume(M) ¡Â (Volume Written Every Hour(M/H) ¡ÁChannel Quantity)

  • Why can't the DVR control the PTZ camera?
    Reason 1: the camera was broken.
    Solution: Change it for a new one.

    Reason 2: You didn't connect the camera with the DVR correctly.
    Solution: Change the cable connect. <¡­

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